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Cargo Insurance Coverage Options & Terms
for insuring individual shipments / moves.

There are 2 different Coverage Types to choose from:

1. Basic Risk       2. All Risk

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The coverage terms, deductibles and eligibility requirements for each are listed in the tables below. You may select which type you want on the Quote form and Order form when purchasing. Please contact us with any questions you have and we'll be happy to answer. Toll Free: 1-800-297-7550.

For frequent shippers, we can arrange an open annual policy with all 3 coverage types for covering multiple shipments per month/year. For details, please submit a request for an annual policy. For any shipments with rare or special risks outside the regular terms below, we can provide a custom policy; please call or email your inquiry.



Summary of Coverage Types & Terms

For Domestic and International Shipments and moves of
All values shipping by Land, Air or Ocean.





                  1.  Basic Risk Coverage

Goods being shipped are insured for loss or damage to the shipment resulting from any of the following risks during transit :

1) Collision
2) Overturning or other accident to
     the truck, train, boat or plane.
3) Derailment
4) Fire
5) Lightning
6) Sprinkler leakage
7) Cyclones
8) Hurricanes
9) Earthquakes
10) Floods
11) Collapse of dock
12) Jettison
13) Stranding
14) Sinking

For full details of coverage, please view the Standard Terms listed below.



       Requirements/ Eligibility

This coverage is available for All Goods and all conditions: Used,
New and Reconditioned.
No packaging requirements. Owner packed goods are accepted.




                      2.  All Risk Coverage

Goods being shipped are insured against All Risks of physical loss or damage (partial & total loss) resulting from any external cause while in transit (door to door);
including extended coverage for Loading and Unloading, War, Strikes, Riots, Civil commotions, Duty, Theft and Non-delivery of any portion of the shipment (individual items and/or the entire shipment).
 Subject to the Standard terms and any applicable special commodity terms and deductible listed below.

This is the Broadest All Risk coverage available anywhere, subject to very few exclusions which are standard in every cargo policy and considered to be rare; such as terrorism, nuclear events, radioactive contamination, delay in transit, improper/unsuitable packaging and willful misconduct by the insured. For full details of coverage, please view the Standard Terms listed below.


Most categories have a deductible, which
varies from 1-5% of the total insured value (minimum $300-500.00 USD), depending on category of goods. Higher risk items have higher deductibles. Please select the category applicable to your goods below for specific deductible. If item not listed below, there is no deductible.


This coverage is available for all goods and all conditions: Used, New and Reconditioned. Underwriter requires the goods be properly or Professionally Packaged or packed in the original manufacturer packaging to be eligible for all risk.

Professionally packaged is defined as being properly packed for transit by a professional packer whom knows how to properly pack, box, crate and or palletize goods. Ie: packaged properly by the shipper, shipping carrier, moving company or a packaging company.

Owner packed goods are accepted.





Standard Policy Terms and Conditions
1. Insuring Clause: On the basis of the information submitted by you or on your
    behalf, coverage can be arranged under the terms set out in this policy,
    which are set forth here, together with any applicable endorsements.

            Named Insured / Loss Payable to:  You or anyone on your behalf.

2. Voyage/Geographical Scope:  Shipments are to be insured                           
                                       From: Ports and or places in the World.
                                            To: Ports and or places in the World.

3. Conveyance/Method of Transport: Coverage is provided for shipments
    being transported by Land, Air & Ocean, including shipments by truck, rail,
    aircraft / plane, boat/vessel, mail/ parcel post and including connecting
    methods of transport.

4. Valuation:
Coverage is provided at replacement cost valuation unless
    otherwise specified in the terms herein. The value of shipments insured under
    this policy shall be the amount of the shipper's invoice, including all charges
    therein plus any freight charges not included in the invoice, plus optional 10%
    Used/ refurbished goods without invoices and household goods shall be the
    declared value amount as indicated on your shipment inventory list.

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